4 New Parenting Classes Worth Taking

4 New Parenting Classes Worth Taking

4 New Parenting Classes Worth Taking
Parenting doesn’t come with a manual. Every day, raising a child is complicated, rewarding, difficult, loving, and confusing all at once. 

From the sleepless newborn nights to the long toddler days, breastfeeding, potty training, and then some – being a parent is hard work! You’re not alone if you think you need help getting through parenthood.

In fact, there are some classes specifically designed for parents who want a little training at home to prepare for or strengthen their parenting skills. These parenting classes come in many different themes with varying concentrations on being a great mom or dad. 

There’s no shame in needing a little guidance on the journey through parenthood! Here are 4 new parenting classes that you can consider.  

Lamaze & Childbirth

Lamaze & Childbirth
Lamaze and childbirth classes are designed to teach and support families through the birthing process. Labor is, well, laboring! It helps to have the family involved with the birth of a baby so that the mom receives as much support as she can get. 

In Lamaze classes, you learn how to breathe between pushes, how to deal with labor pain, and more. Childbirth classes go through everything you should expect during your labor. When it comes to being in labor, surprises are the last thing you’ll want. 

These classes offer fantastic support for your birth partners as well, so they know the right ways to back you up. You’ll learn from the experiences of other parents and the techniques they used to manage pain and difficulties.


Breastfeeding is another one of those parenting things they don’t talk about! Breastfeeding is much harder than it looks, especially for first-time moms. 

To feed a baby well while breastfeeding, you need the right latch, technique, and attention to detail. As much as we wish it were true, it’s not as simple as plopping the baby on the nipple and letting them eat until their little hearts’ content. 

Breastfeeding and nursing classes are great resources for moms who plan to breastfeed their babies. They will teach you the best techniques, positions, tools, and products that make breastfeeding easier and less painful. 

Many of these are very educational in that they teach you what it feels like when they latch incorrectly as well. You’ll need to be able to tell the difference so you and your baby can have the best possible feeding experience.

Baby 101

Baby 101
From their first breath to their first steps and everything in between, taking care of babies is very busy work. It can easily become overwhelming to notice how careful you need to be and how intricate every process is when it comes to your baby. 

From the newborn stage and beyond, there are baby crash courses available to teach you everything you could ever need to know about raising your baby. These types of classes are very inclusive, and they are careful not to miss a single facet of knowledge. 

Baby 101 will teach you simple things, like how to hold, bathe, and feed your baby. They also get into the things that some books never tell you about, like baby CPR, tummy time techniques, and how to troubleshoot a crying baby. 

These classes are very in-depth and cater to many different learning styles for parents of all kinds. You won’t have to worry about being overwhelmed with so much knowledge, either. Many of these classes are flexible and can be tackled when your schedule allows it. 

Toddler 101

Toddler 101
There will forever be a debate on which stage of early life is more difficult to manage, that of a newborn or a toddler. Well, babies can’t talk back or run away, for starters. We teach our babies to walk and talk, only to get exhausted when they won’t sit down and hush!

When your little baby isn’t so little anymore, don’t panic. They’re growing into their own person and are just trying to figure things out. Toddler 101 courses are fantastic new parenting classes that will teach you exactly how to deal with those terrible 2s and 3s. 

These classes are a lot like Baby 101, just not as massive. These focus on things like potty training, the introduction of solid foods and allergens, gentle parenting techniques, and more. 

You’ll be given tools for success and be able to pat yourself on the back at the end of a long day. Not only that, but your partners will be given resources and materials that will make them a better support system for you and your baby. After all, it takes a village!

Explore Some of the Latest Parenting Classes & Groups

Explore Some of the Latest Parenting Classes & Groups
There are platforms out there that offer these classes and so many more. Lots of these are all-encompassing and offer support groups for all types of parents and children. 

The best part about parenting classes today is that many of them are offered online. You can still be educated alongside other parents, and some platforms let you save the learning materials for later use. 

These classes use visual and auditory aids, social media support groups, and training focused on every stage of your child’s life. Why not sign up for one today?

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