5 First Trimester Pregnancy Tips

5 First Trimester Pregnancy Tips

5 First Trimester Pregnancy Tips
So, you just found out you’re having a baby. Firstly, congratulations! You’re well on your way to becoming a mom!

Your body is already going through a ton of changes as it prepares for the growth of your baby. This becomes evident with the very first symptom: the missing period. This is just the beginning!

The first trimester is known for being among the most uncomfortable weeks of pregnancy. This can be a scary thought to wrap your head around, especially as you experience something new every day. 

As trying as the first trimester can be, you shouldn’t stress yourself out any more than you likely already have. Whether this is your first time or you just need a refresher from the last time you gave birth, we’re here to help!

Keep reading to find some first-trimester pregnancy tips that will help you get through the ups and downs of the first few months. 

Take Your Prenatal Vitamins

Take Your Prenatal Vitamins
Prenatal vitamins can begin to be beneficial even before you conceive. These supplements have ingredients that are important for your baby's growth and development. 

A good prenatal vitamin will consist of a trifecta of vital minerals:

  • Iron.
  • Calcium
  • Folic Acid

Iron is the basic building block of the blood supply, and your body needs more of it to develop your baby. It also helps oxygen travel to your lungs, which you can measure with a Cradle Me Baby Oximeter. If you don't get enough iron, you may feel dizzy and tired because of anemia. 

Calcium facilitates the growth of your baby’s bones, heart, and nerves. These are just some of the first developments of the infant body.   

Folic acid helps prevent birth defects that can occur in early pregnancy. Spinal cord and brain defects can easily be prevented by taking folic acid. 

More important supplements, like vitamins A, B, C, and D, zinc, niacin, and iodine, are likely to be in prenatal vitamins. 

Conquer Your Bad Habits

Conquer Your Bad Habits
If you haven’t yet considered kicking those bad habits to the curb, now is the time! 

Smoking while pregnant comes with some significant risks for your baby. Women who smoke during pregnancy are more likely to have a miscarriage, give birth early, or have an infant die. 

Even if you can get through these terrible things, your baby could still die of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) or be born with a natural addiction to nicotine.

Drinking alcohol creates the same types of issues during pregnancy. Even the days leading up to your conception can lead to some grim results. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs) can cause your baby to have a number of problems, such as trouble paying attention, speaking slowly, and having trouble learning. 

The consequences could be dire if you continue your worst habits, so find some support and quit right away! Of all the first-trimester pregnancy tips, this one could directly save lives. 

Check Your Vitals

Check Your Vitals
You’ll be going through a whirlwind of new sensations and experiences during the first trimester. This won’t come without some noticeable bodily differences. 

Pay attention to vital functions like your blood pressure and temperature. Both of these will be high in the first trimester because of the sudden increase in blood in your body. This is typically what brings on the first-trimester headaches.

More exercise may be difficult during this time, but it can help with blood pressure issues and the associated symptoms. Continue to check your blood pressure for excessive hypertension. The Cradle Me Baby Blood Pressure Monitor can help you do this at home in between doctor appointments. If your blood pressure is always higher than what doctors recommend, get help as soon as you can. 

If you have high blood pressure that doesn't go down, you could end up with unusual swelling and stomach pain later on in your pregnancy. 

Hydration is Crucial

Hydration is Crucial
The first trimester can make you feel some unpleasant feelings. Hydration is a great way to compensate for a lot of these obnoxious affairs. Staying hydrated helps compensate for the water lost from morning sickness. With a little bit of ice, the water can also help with the annoying nausea that comes with it. 

As for your baby, water helps make the amniotic fluid that will be their safe place for the next 9 months. Water intake is always important. However, just as you should be eating for two and creating blood for two, you should be hydrating for two as well. 

Start Planning

Start Planning
Going through your list of possible names is fun and exciting! There are other things you should be planning for at this time as well. 

Start thinking about what you will need in your diaper bag and what you will take with you to the hospital. Remember to make your first prenatal appointment if you haven’t already. It’s helpful to start thumbing through the maternity leave policies at your place of employment, too. 

Even if you’re keeping your pregnancy a secret for a while, planning is crucial. Over the next few months, you’ll start experiencing “pregnancy brain." The “future you” will be so appreciative that the birthing process was planned out ahead of time. 

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts
The first trimester is a crucial time in your baby’s development. Your body is experiencing something new and is probably going haywire. Don’t let that stop you from being as healthy as possible!

Remember to stay calm, take it easy on yourself, and get ready for the most exciting moment of your life with these first-trimester pregnancy tips!

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