Breastfeeding for New Moms

Breastfeeding for New Moms

Breastfeeding for New Moms
Breastfeeding easily becomes your first and most rewarding job as a new mom! This is a natural and mutually beneficial way to feed your baby. Many new moms try to breastfeed, but it can present a learning curve. While breastfeeding can be more difficult for some moms, knowing what to expect can make all the difference. That’s where we come in! 

We’re prepared to give you a basic guide to breastfeeding. Keep reading to learn more!

Milk Production

Milk Production
So, you just had a baby. They hand you your sweet, tiny baby, and…then what?

First, don’t panic if you haven’t noticed an abundance of milk just yet. Most moms don’t see a substantial milk flow for a few days. The first instance of breastmilk your baby will eat is called colostrum. Many doctors call it “liquid gold”. This yellowish milk that you first produce is loaded with vitamins that keep your baby from getting infections.

Colostrum is produced in small amounts, so the baby can get used to being breastfed. This allows the baby to practice swallowing, sucking, and breathing simultaneously. You may be able to express colostrum a few days or weeks before your baby is born! If you’re unable to hand-express breastmilk at first, there are tools from Cradle Me Baby to help improve milk flow.

After about five days postpartum, you will notice more milk production. Our bodies are great at picking up on how much our babies eat. That means we can naturally produce enough milk to compensate for their appetites. As you and your baby get used to feeding, you can start pumping your breastmilk and storing it for future use. This will come in handy.


If you worry about whether you’re doing it right, t, you’re not alone! Lots of moms wonder if their babies are being fed properly. There are a few things that can provide some reassurance. The way your baby latches onto the breast is very important. Soreness is normal the first few days after breastfeeding. After a while, a little tugging should be all a mother feels when their baby is eating. 

Continued pain could mean the baby isn’t latching  onto the nipple properly. This could lead to cracked nipples and tender breasts. Lactation specialists can help you find the perfect technique to get your baby to breastfeed correctly. They can be a fantastic guide to breastfeeding!

There are some tell-tale signs of hunger in a newborn baby. They will turn their heads and sucking on whatever they can get their hands on. Sometimes, if you rub your baby’s cheek, they will open their mouth, so you can get proper placement. Not only is this great for getting a perfect latch, but it also offers a new level of intimacy for you and your baby.

There are many positions you can try, so you can enhance your feeding experience. You can even look into special pillows to help you and your baby sit comfortably. 

Don’t Give Up!

Don’t Give Up!
There are plenty of resources and tools available to help you along with the process. With proper planning and support, you will get the hang of it. Remember that a fed baby is the most important thing. Use this guide to breastfeeding to ensure you and your baby are happy and healthy!

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