Eliminate Pregnancy Aches & Pains with Belly-Bands

Eliminate Pregnancy Aches & Pains with Belly-Bands

You’ve Embarked on the Nine-Month Journey

You’re on the journey of pregnancy, and some aches and pains are surfacing. Your body is going through amazing changes with the life growing inside you, and your hormones are really amped up. As you move from the first trimester and into the second, you’re bound to have a visible bump, which puts pressure on your frame. This changes the way you stand, sit, walk, and sleep. Your body miraculously adjusts to the extra girth, weight, and baby growing inside you. It is normal for the walls of your abdomen to become weak, which will put added stress on your muscles. With all of these bodily changes during pregnancy, the chief complaint of pregnant women is back pain.

An Easy Way to Get Rid of Discomfort

What if you could eliminate some of that stress on your body by using the Cradle Me Baby Belly-Band? A must-have for the nine-months of carrying your baby, the super-soft, light-weight Belly-Band will target, prevent, and serve as an all-around preventative measure to minimize pregnancy backaches and other common pains pregnant women experience.

Support Your Baby

Another common complaint is pelvic pressure, especially as you move from the second to the third trimester. Ease that pain by using the Cradle Me Baby Belly-Band. You’ll be amazed at how this belt helps support your bump while you’re going about your daily activities. You can wear it around the house, when you’re out and about running errands, handling household chores, and even while walking or exercising.

Stretchy to Accommodate your Growing Baby

Sciatica is eased when the Cradle Me Baby Belly-Band is worn. When you wear it, the pressure on your back and hips is magically eliminated. The band can be worn from the beginning of the first trimester all the way to postpartum because it stretches to accommodate the changes in your body.


Choosing the right size is easy. Simply measure the circumference around your back just above your pubic area. (Refer to online Sizing Chart.) Keep in mind which stage of pregnancy you’re in when ordering your belly-band. Available in pink, beige, and black, you may wish to get more than one of these maternity support garments, so you have colors that match your tops.
An added benefit is that your maternity clothes will last longer due to the Cradle Me Baby Belly-Band covering your belly so it isn’t exposed as your bump expands and your clothing fits differently. This garment is amazing. It improves your posture, keeps you from falling, and makes it easier to move around in general, even when you're working out.

Stay Fit During Pregnancy

Check with your doctor at your prenatal visit about exercising. If you’re cleared for it, it’s important to exercise on a regular basis during your pregnancy. Regular exercise during your journey to motherhood has been shown to minimize constipation, backaches, swelling, and bloating. It also serves as a fabulous mood booster and increases your energy level. Getting regular exercise while pregnant will also lower the chance of getting gestational diabetes, having a cesarean birth, or having preeclampsia. Improving your overall fitness during pregnancy will aid in cardiovascular health. It will also increase or maintain muscle tone, improve or maintain strength, and improve or maintain endurance.

Core and More

Core strengthening exercises are beneficial during pregnancy and will help you support your belly without using the Cradle Me Baby Belly-Band. In addition, a strong core is the key to a strong and healthy back. By doing core-strengthening exercises every day and using your Cradle Me Baby Belly-Band, you will be fit and comfortable during and after your pregnancy.

Tight Isn’t Right

Be sure you aren’t wearing your Cradle Me Baby Belly-Band too snug. It's designed to cradle your belly for support, so it’s important not to wear it so tightly that it will squeeze your abdomen and lead to poor blood circulation. The effects of wearing the band too tight include an upset stomach, acid reflux, breathing issues, and/or high blood pressure. Speak with your physician about wearing the belly-band, and never sleep in it for the entire night. The recommended limit for wearing the Cradle Me Baby Belly-Band is two to three hours.

Get Some ZZZZs

Doctors agree that sleeping on your left side during pregnancy will allow the most blood flow and nutrients for your placenta and the growing baby. As well, positioning yourself on your left side will improve kidney function, which assists in minimizing water retention. If you normally don’t sleep on your side, it might take a few nights to get used to this position, but go ahead and give it a try. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Reasonably Priced Belly Band Comfort

Belly Band
Your pregnancy journey is a time of preparation for that new little bundle of joy. To be sure you feel good and remain in good spirits, wearing the Cradle Me Baby Belly-Band is a preventative method to assist in your daily activities. Priced reasonably, you can order one or more today to help you stay comfortable, productive, and happy. Your nine months will go by quickly when you feel good.

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