How Using a Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster Protects You & Your Baby

How Using a Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster Protects You & Your Baby

Lots of Aches and Pains During Pregnancy

Lots of Aches and Pains During Pregnancy
Pregnancy has its share of uncomfortable side effects. Not only is stress placed on your frame with the fetus developing and growing, but the multitude of pregnancy hormones are also changing rapidly, which can cause some pregnant women to have mood swings or a feeling of stress and worry. Life doesn’t slow down while you’re pregnant. You still have to get to your job, handle your trips to the grocery or drug store, and keep up with fun social situations like going to the movies, going to the theater, getting out for dinner as a date night, or having lunch with the girls. The truth is that you can't avoid driving or riding in a car when you're pregnant.

Staying Mobile While Pregnant Because Life Just Doesn’t Stop

As your pregnancy goes on, it's no surprise that the all-too-necessary seat belt can become very uncomfortable. Whether you’re the driver or a passenger, as your baby bump grows, the seat belt can get downright annoying. It pulls across the abdomen and feels tight and very constricting. However, “click it or ticket” is something everyone needs to take seriously each and every time they are traveling in a vehicle, and most especially when you’re carrying an unborn baby.

Statistics About Car Wrecks During Pregnancy

Mothers and their unborn babies are involved in thousands of car accidents each year. In the United States, approximately 170,000 moms-to-be experience a car accident each year. Unfortunately, of those 170,000 car accidents, losing a baby happens in up to 5,000. Those shocking statistics are a wake-up call, and pregnant women may be tempted to stop wearing their seatbelts when they get too uncomfortable, but that can be a bad idea.
Statistics About Car Wrecks During Pregnancy

Never Fear! A Viable Solution is Available

There is an easy fix! By using the Cradle Me Baby Seat Belt Adjuster, you and your baby will be protected from the harmful effects of slamming on the brakes or being in an accident. Why risk doing harm to you and your baby during your pregnancy? The amazing Cradle Me Baby Seat Belt Adjuster can be put in place in just a few seconds. It moves the seat belt around your stomach and keeps it in place on your legs. This redirection takes the force and pressure away from the baby in your womb and decreases the risk of injuries when sudden braking or a crash occurs.

Stay Comfortable During Your Pregnancy

The Cradle Me Baby Seat Belt Adjuster helps transfer the pressure from your baby bump to your thighs. This keeps your belly from being pulled too tight and helps protect the baby inside you.

Portability to Keep You Buckled Up

Whether you’re driving or a passenger in another vehicle, you can easily take this device with you to ensure safety. Buckle up when you’re pregnant. Not even a short trip to the neighborhood grocery store should be made without your seatbelt. This device can be easily installed in your car or another car in less than a minute! Every seatbelt is different, but this amazing pregnancy gadget will fit almost instantly into any seat belt system! With its ease of use and adaptability, you'll be sure to wear that seatbelt and never put yourself or your child at risk.

Quality Constructed

Made of quality materials, this seat belt adjuster stays in place, and it is 100% guaranteed. You can adjust it to fit the seat of any vehicle, so there’s no reason not to order one from the Cradle Me Baby website. You’ll notice the seat belt adjuster is available in four colors. Whether you choose black, white, pink, or green, you will be glad you purchased this item with its no-hassle return policy.

Seat Belt Adjuster

Reassurance for Baby’s Safety

Get peace of mind by making use of this safety device. You may wish to get one for each vehicle in your household! Mothers-to-be want to do all within their power to protect that baby growing inside them and ensure a successful, healthy delivery. Even as your baby bump grows and your girth expands during your pregnancy, this seat belt adjuster will help eliminate the uncomfortable force of a traditional seatbelt, even in your second and third trimesters. With their no-hassle return policy, you can order this helpful device with confidence and begin protecting you and your baby on every trip you take in any vehicle.

Reduce Worry About You and Your Baby’s Well Being

Reduce Worry About You and Your Baby’s Well Being
When using the Cradle Me Baby Seat Belt Adjuster, you have a renewed sense of assurance when traveling in any vehicle. Don’t delay in getting this helpful device for all the vehicles in your household, and don’t forget to take it with you when you’re traveling in other vehicles. It can really make a difference in keeping you and Junior comfortable, safe, healthy, and happy.

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