Listen to Your Baby's Heartbeat Anytime Using an At-Home Fetal Doppler

Listen to Your Baby's Heartbeat Anytime Using an At-Home Fetal Doppler

Ah, the sweet sound of your baby’s heartbeat! Nothing warms your heart quite like that loveable sound at the doctor’s office. In years past, mothers-to-be had to wait for their doctor appointments to hear that sound, but thanks to the Cradle Me Baby’s At-Home Fetal Doppler, the baby’s heartbeat can be detected at home any time. Monitoring your baby’s heartbeat at home ensures your partner can also hear that special sound, and bond with the baby growing inside you.

Listen to Your Baby's Heartbeat Anytime Using an At-Home Fetal Doppler

It’s normal to be a bit nervous while carrying your baby. Using the Cradle Me Baby At-Home Fetal Doppler will provide some peace of mind when you can check your growing baby’s heartbeat regularly. A magical way to bond with your little one while in the womb, the Fetal Doppler is essential for pregnant women longing to connect with their unborn child. The Cradle Me Baby At-Home Fetal Doppler is a must-have device for expecting parents.

Let’s Get Down to the Heart of the Matter

The sound of your baby’s beating heart will absolutely fill yours. Multiple studies all over the world have confirmed that At-Home Fetal Dopplers are completely safe to use. It’s true! When used according to guidelines, an At-Home Fetal Dopplers will not harm your baby. Users report that this device has been an absolute lifesaver. The At-Home Fetal Doppler can help you actually enjoy your pregnancy. When a mom-to-be is carrying a healthy baby, she feels less fear and anxiety than usual. This improves her mood and overall health while she is pregnant. Why not go through your pregnancy a little more at ease?

Doctor Appointments Can Seem to Be Too Far Apart

There's no need to wait for weeks between appointments at the doctor’s office. Having the Cradle Me Baby At-Home Fetal Doppler ensures reassurance whenever you need it. Be careful not to check the baby's heartbeat too often. Recommendations state that using this device once every other day for only five minutes is safe. Any more than that isn’t advised.

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How Does it Work?

Lubricate your abdomen with conductivity gel before using the Cradle Me Baby Fetal Doppler. Move the probe to your stomach, and the speaker on the device will eventually pick up the baby's heartbeat. It is not advisable to use the Fetal Doppler prior to 13 weeks of pregnancy. After that point, as long as you don’t use it more than recommended, it should be perfectly safe. If you are worried about your results, you should always talk to your prenatal team right away. They can help you get the care you need.

No Need to Worry About Setting Up the At-Home Fetal Doppler

Setup is super easy with no hassles. Believe it or not, you can get this helpful device ready to go in less than a minute! If you’re not a medical professional (and most of us aren’t), you may be concerned about using this device. Thankfully, the Cradle Me Baby At-Home Fetal Doppler comes with easy-to-understand instructions and is surprisingly compact and lightweight. Take it along when traveling or leaving the house; it’s very portable. Why not allow family members, like the baby's future grandparents, to hear your baby’s heartbeat? It can be a magical experience like no other. The Cradle Me Baby support team is available 24/7, so if you ever have trouble with your device, you can contact them at and they'll help you out in a friendly way.

The Fetal Heartbeat Changes Throughout the Duration of Your Pregnancy

It is normal for the little one’s heartbeat to change as he or she grows. A fetal heartbeat begins around 90 to 110 beats per minute during the first few weeks of your pregnancy. At nine to ten weeks, it moves to a range between 140 and 170 beats per minute. Be sure to remember that your baby’s heartbeat will change as he or she grows and that you’ll have your doctor monitor it at your appointments. If you're worried about something, just talk to your doctor or nurse right away.

Gain Peace of Mind

While no At-Home Fetal Doppler can take the place of your regular doctor appointments, the ability to check the baby’s heartbeat at home is a welcome reassurance. In addition, allowing your partner or other loved ones to hear the heartbeat is pretty fulfilling.

Your doctor will regularly check the heartbeat in the office, and if the doctor observes any reason for concern about your baby’s heart development, a fetal echocardiogram may be scheduled.

Boost Your Mood

Boost Your Mood
Staying happy and healthy during your pregnancy can sometimes be a challenge, but getting regular exercise (after your doctor’s approval) and making use of an At-Home Fetal Doppler can perk up your disposition. And as the saying goes, when mom-to-be is happy, everybody’s happy!

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