The 8 Best Ways To Relieve Stress During Pregnancy

The 8 Best Ways To Relieve Stress During Pregnancy

Bad news, ladies.

If you're not managing your stress levels during pregnancy, then you could be putting your child at risk.

According to a recent study, pregnant women who experience high levels of stress are more likely to have children who are born prematurely or with low birth weights.

So how can you manage your stress and ensure a healthy pregnancy?

Keep reading for tips.

How can stress affect your pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a period of many changes, which makes feeling stressed normal.

You may embrace these transformations, but they might create new pressures in your life.

Stress can raise the chance of having a premature or low-birthweight infant, increasing the risk for additional health issues.

What causes stress during pregnancy?

You may be experiencing symptoms of pregnancy, such as morning sickness, constipation, tiredness, or a backache.

Your hormones are fluctuating, which can lead to mood swings and difficulty handling stress.

You could be concerned about the process of childbirth and how to care for your kid.

If you are employed, it is advisable to start preparing your team well in advance for your maternity leave.

You might be concerned about how you eat, drink, and feel since these things have an impact on your infant.

How can you reduce stress during pregnancy?

1. Focus on Your Breath

Deep breaths help our bodies physical health, stress relief, brains, mental wellbeing, emotional wellbeing, and muscles feel relaxed.

But how often do we focus on our breathing?

Meditation is a fantastic method to explore (there are several apps that can teach you how), or simply sit quietly and take long, belly-filling breaths in through your nose, then slowly out through your nose or mouth.

Bonus points if you can breathe your way through something decadent like a prenatal massage it's amazing way to treat stress naturally without compromising to baby's development!

Deep breathing must be in your everyday life routine it will help you alot to survive stress levels.

2. Prioritize Rest

Sleep isn't always as simple as it was during pregnancy, although some women (particularly during the first trimester) fall asleep at the drop of a hat.

Your body is undergoing significant changes (especially the whole growing a human thing), and not getting enough sleep can raise levels of stress.

If you want to get a good night's sleep, aim for 7-9 hours and plan your bedtime accordingly.

A calming bedtime ritual can help you relax before you go to sleep—some suggest a warm (not hot!) bath, a cup of herbal caffeine-free tea, calming music, and little to no screen time.

If you’re in trouble sleeping with getting enough sleep, speak to your healthcare provider about additional suggestions.

3. Move Your Body

Movement into your daily routine is not only beneficial for your body; it's also beneficial for your mind.

Exercise causes endorphins to be released in the brain, which can improve your mood and even alleviate depression and anxiety symptoms.

And don't let the idea of "exercising" put you off - going for a walk outside is an excellent method to get your heart rate up and relax.

The fresh air and movement may help relieve tension in your mind while also increasing endorphins - win, win!

4. Eat Right

It's crucial to have a balanced diet when pregnant!

Pregnancy cravings are no joke, but it's important to eat healthy foods most of the time so that you and your baby get the nutrients you need.

Drink plenty of water too!

Don't be afraid to give into pregnancy cravings every once in a while—but remember that eating healthy is key to feeling good both physically and mentally. And don't forget to take your prenatal vitamin!

5. Let. It. Out.

It can be a tremendous load off to talk about your concerns with somebody else and feel stressed.

Talk to other moms-to-be or new mothers—they will have experienced similar situations and could offer helpful tips on what alleviated their stress during pregnancy, high blood pressure during pregnancy, reduce anxiety, and also helpful for baby's health as the baby is connected directly with the mother.

You might also want to document your thoughts by journaling, listing the blessings in your life, or writing out any looming tasks if you feel overwhelmed - Doing so may help ease your mind, ease anxiety and reduce stress levels.

If your stress is becoming too much to handle, speak to your provider. Losing sleep, unappetizing food, or unhealthy behaviors are all signs that you need help managing your stress.

6. De-stress With A Massage

A massage is a wonderful method to relax your muscles and unwind during pregnancy.

You may also massage yourself if you're feeling tense which will also help you to recover from body aches and give you more glow compare to other pregnant women.

It's important to use a massage oil with anti-friction properties like Mustela's Stretch Marks Oil with that you can moderate exercise.

Simply spritz your hand with a few squirts and gently massage your tense muscles with soft, kneading strokes.

At the same time, focus on your breathing to help you relax and free from stress in pregnancy but make sure to do this in your comfortable position in which you feel good the most.

7. Employ Positive Self-Talk

A less-stressed & low mood you is only a mantra away.

By repeating this phrase to yourself, you can drown out negative thinking and better focus your mind.

Something like, "I'm joyful, healthy, peaceful and completely ready to care for my baby," is fine.

Make your own custom mantra to fit your circumstances and believe in it.

Then, when your nerves get the best of you, close your eyes and breathe deeply while repeating your positive affirmation to yourself this will you a lot in your mental health.

8. Sip On Peppermint Tea

Peppermint leaves are high in menthol, which is a muscle relaxant and sedative. Peppermint aids in the relief of stomach discomfort including nausea and vomiting by assisting with gas evacuation from the stomach.

Sipping peppermint tea is an excellent way to reduce stress throughout pregnancy and avoid drinking alcohol.

Keep some peppermint tea bags on you at all times to help you combat stress and tummy issues while on the go.

Because peppermint tea is naturally caffeine-free, you may drink it all day long at work or while relaxing at home and many women use it as in their routine.


While some stress is unavoidable, there are ways to manage it during pregnancy. It’s important to find what works for you and stick with it.

What tips do you have for managing stress during pregnancy?

Let us know in the comments below!

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