The Essential Third Trimester Checklist

The Essential Third Trimester Checklist

The Essential Third Trimester Checklist
The long-awaited countdown is ending! Your baby is the size of a cauliflower and on their way to being as big as a pumpkin! If you haven’t already begun nesting, you likely will very soon. You’ll find yourself scrambling to finish the nursery, baby-proof, and clean the house. As cliché as it sounds, some moms even pick up knitting. 

Still, as you run around trying to create a suitable space for your baby’s arrival, you could be forgetting the more important things. Stop frantically putting everything into place and calmly check these off your list. Here is a third-trimester checklist that we’ve put together for you:

Pack Your Bags!

Pack Your Bags!
It’s time to pack! Even if you’re 27 weeks pregnant, it’s never too early to pack your hospital bag. If you’re on bed rest, keep it by your bedside. Otherwise, keep it in your car, so it’s ready when you are. 

Everything you think you will need for yourself postpartum should go in here, like:

  • A change of loose, comfortable clothes
  • An extra phone or device charger
  • A blanket
  • Nursing bras

You will also need to have some things for your baby, including:

  • Several onesies (they need laundering often; it’s good to have a number of them for babies to wear under other clothes, or alone on warmer days)
  • Hats, socks, and mittens
  • A Personalized Swaddle Blanket from

Most other items that your baby will need, like diapers and wipes, will be provided for you by the hospital. This saves some room in your bag for things you will need. Just remember to swap out your things once you finally get home. 

Get a Breast Pump

Get a Breast Pump
breast pump is another essential item that you should pack with you. Some hospitals will give you a hand pump for free.

In case they don’t have any, or you prefer a battery-powered pump, you should bring your own.

You might be able to squeeze out some milk before your due date, especially if you’ve had kids before. In this case, while you’re busy handling all your other nesting business, you could be pumping to save a stock of breastmilk.

Breast Pump

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Start Kick Counting

Start Kick Counting
Your baby is probably already kicking up a storm and rolling around like no one’s business. How do those stretches feel, mom?

Kicks can be hard to ignore. The more you take note of your baby’s movements, the better you’ll be able to tell what’s normal for them. Are they morning babies who kick you when you wake up? Or perhaps they’re night owls and stay up kicking and swirling past their bedtime. Notice how often they kick and how strong their legs are. This will help you notice if movement declines. This could point to distress inside your tummy. Overall, you should feel 10 kicks every hour or so, especially after you’ve eaten a meal or had a cool, sweet beverage.

Install Car Seat

Install Car Seat
Don’t forget to install your baby’s car seat! Much like packing your bag and keeping it close, your car seat needs to be ready for your baby at any time. 

Take your time with this step. Many car seats can easily be installed incorrectly because of how different they can be. The key is to remember that they should be rear-facing, and you can check your car’s manual to see which seat is the safest.

The shoulder straps will be harder to tell until your baby gets here, but they’re supposed to be just below your baby’s shoulder height. This will likely be the lowest setting on your car seat. 

Most times, a doctor or nurse will check your car seat before you drive away from the hospital. They will help you get it right!

Get Last Minute Baby Items

Get Last Minute Baby Items
Think about items that your baby needs. Maybe you missed out on something during your baby shower, or perhaps there are little last-minute gifts you want your baby to have. Now is the time to get everything else your baby needs. Once you have your baby, getting out and about will be a different experience for you. 

You can never have too many wipes, diapers, blankets, or burp cloths. You will run through these like crazy in the first few months. You can buy pacifiers, though some babies don’t have a preference for them. If you don’t have a crib or can’t afford one, bassinets will do just fine in the meantime. These are cheaper and can be placed closer to your bed anyway. With your baby waking up so often to eat and change, this will be a godsend. 

Do Not Stress!

Do Not Stress!
If there’s one thing to take away from this third-trimester checklist, it’s to stay stress-free! It’s getting closer and closer to your baby’s birthday, and you don’t want anything to make your blood pressure rise.

Remember your best practices for relieving stress, and only do as much as you can without being too strenuous on your body. Take it easy and be good to yourself. A happy, healthy mom is what your baby needs.

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