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Conductivity Gel - (USA ONLY)

Conductivity Gel 60g (2 oz. - each tube)

Overview: Highly conductive, multi-purpose electrolyte meets all the standards of the ideal saline electrode gel.

Features: Highly conductive hypoallergenic, the bacteriostatic see-thru tube with standup cap lets you know how much gel is left. Non stinging, non gritty.

NOTE to NON-US Residents: Single tube conductivity gel is only available to purchase and ship to the United States. We do offer our 3 tube pack for sale worldwide. If you live outside the US, please do not attempt to purchase this single tube gel through our website. If you are located outside the US, and purchase the single tube gel through our website, we will have to refund your gel order minus the processing fee. The processing fee is automatically charged to us upon checkout by our credit card processor. This is why we ask all NON-US customers to please not order the gel on our website.

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