Dos and Dont’s During the third Trimester of Pregnancy (Cradle Club)

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Dos and Dont’s During the third Trimester of Pregnancy

Your baby is almost here! This is your last trimester and our last article in our pregnancy do's and don'ts series. A lot of changes happen to you and your baby in the third trimester and so we thought we'd show you some last trimester tips;what to do and what to avoid during the third trimester

Note: It is important that you consult with your doctor first and foremost because every body, every baby and every pregnancy is different. You doctor should give you clear instructions on the do's and don'ts that you should be following. 

The Third Trimester Do's:

Do maintain a healthy diet
As you know, in these last months the baby is being fully developed in preparation for childbirth. Therefore, you should be eating healthy and nutritious food for you and your baby so that your he/she get all the necessary nutrients to grow properly.

Do drink enough water
In the last months of pregnancy, the mother usually experiences heartburn, constipation and other symptoms related to the the digestive system. Therefore, it is advised to keep drinking enough water to help relieve these symptoms and benefit your body.

Do follow up with your doctor
It is not recommended to change the doctor that you've been following up with since the beginning, unless something happened or you weren't comfortable with him. This is because he has a complete picture of your health status, you and your baby, and its stages of development. So he'll be aware of the smallest details and can quickly notice any changes and know how to handle it, if he's a good doctor. So, do not miss your scheduled appointments. He should also be checking to see when you'll be ready to have the baby.

Do watch the movements of your baby
The movement of the baby inside you can tell you a lot, especially if there is any problem. So follow your baby's movements constantly and if you notice any unusual changes, tell your doctor immediately.

Do practice breathing exercises
It is normal at this stage to feel some shortness of breath and discomfort. This happens because the baby's gotten bigger and so has your bump. Try breathing exercises to help improve your breathing. You can see how in the video below...

Do pelvic exercises
You can start doing guided pelvic exercises during the 8th month of pregnancy in order to strengthen the muscles and adds more flexibility, which will help you while giving brith.

Do talk to your baby!
Yes, your baby can hear you now. Talking to your baby helps develop his/her speech and language development. Your baby will also love hearing your voice. Just talk and say anything you'd like or even read a book.

Do make a decision about the maternity hospital
In the last months of pregnancy, you should start discussing with your doctor and those close to you, where you'll be delivering your baby. Make sure that wherever it is, it's well equipped and has a good reputation in terms of doctors, nurses and hygiene.

Do determine if your delivery's going to be natural or C-section
If you have the option, start discussing with your doctor which form of delivery would be best for you and the baby. Talk to him about the necessary preparations for either of them and ask him about everything you want so that you're fully prepared.

Do prepare for delivery with your hospital bag
During the middle of the 8th month at most, you should start preparing your hospital bag with all of your and your baby's needs. You might have to give birth earlier than planned or at the beginning of the 9th month, so it's always better to be prepared.

The Third Trimester Don'ts:

Don't do saunas and steam baths
We know you miss your spa and pampering time, but Saunas and steam baths can be extremely dangerous at any stage during your pregnancy. They change the internal body temperature, which negatively affects the growth of the baby.

Don't have heavy meals
At this stage, the baby is positioned lower, preparing for birth. Although this is normal, it makes the digestion process somewhat difficult, especially since the baby's size adds pressure on the stomach as well. Therefore, try to stay away from heavy meals to help with proper digestion.

Don't lift heavy objects
Lifting heavy objects is very dangerous at this stage as it puts pressure on your back which can be very harmful. So you should leave the heavy lifting to anyone else in the house.

Don't do intense violent exercises
Yes, we know that it is recommended for pregnant women to exercise, but strenuous exercise is not preferred in the last trimester of pregnancy. Always consult a doctor about your exercises to avoid harm or risks.

Dont wear high heels!
High heels are not a good idea. They put a lot of pressure on the back, especially if you're in your last months. Also your balance will be off because of your pregnancy, so you could fall which can be very dangerous. Avoid them and wear flats.

Don't stay seated for long periods
It is preferable during the last trimester of pregnancy to constantly keep moving in order to stimulate blood circulation for you and your baby. So, avoid sitting for a long period of time and if it's hard for you, try to have some intervals where you get your body moving, even if it's just standing for a few minutes at least.