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FAQs - Catch Me Cushion™

What is a Catch Me Cushion™?

A Catch Me Cushion™ is soft device that is designed to fit like a backpack to protect the back, neck and head of your child when then tumble or fall backwards.

What age group are they recommended for?

The Catch Me Cushion™ is recommended for 6-24 months, we recommended using them for when your baby is learning to sit up right through until they are stable on their feet.

What are they made from?

The Catch Me Cushion™ is made from a soft crystal velvet and the filling is made from high rebound cotton.

Are they machine washable?

Yes the Catch me Cushion is machine washable and we recommend washing them at 30°C or 85°F

Whats size are they?

All cushions are 20cm Wide 30cm Tall and 6cm in Depth

Will they not be too heavy and weigh my baby down? 

All our Catch Me Cushions are light weight and weigh on average 200g

How long is shipping?

Please take a look at our shipping information Here.

Can I adjust the harness?

Yes all Catch Me Cushions come with a light weight adjustable harness, to keep your child snug and secure.